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Inebriated wants you... and you want us

by Steaknshroom, 686 days ago

We are.... inebriated. 


Yes, you. Hi there! My face is up here. ;)

Inebriated is a guild on the Garrosh server in the lovely World of Warcraft. I'm Larissa, or Steaknshroom. I am not the GM. I'm one of the officers and one of the raid leaders for our casual progression. We're still building a team. Ranged DPS is hard to find! We're a friendly, fun group of people. If we had a rating system, I would put us somewhere in the "R" range. We like to have a good time. We enjoy hanging out with each other and we enjoy drinking. I can't speak for everyone, but I can say that we are all mature. Now, that does not mean we are hardcore or serious. What that means is we are all over the age of 18 and if you are not, your mother is going to be seriously upset if she hears you talking with us in vent. We are uncensored, funny, and occasionally cross the lines into lewd. Ok, ok, more than occasionally, but less than all the time. We'll go with frequently lewd and crude but also funny. :)

We raid on Monday and Wednesday from 7 pm-10 pm Garrosh server time. If you're interested in raiding, or looking for a great new home for your toons, please get in touch with Tristanna, our GM. You can actually reach out to anyone and they'll be happy to help you join our family. If you have any questions about raiding or general questions, please feel free to contact Steaknshroom (that's me) too. I'd be happy to help you join us or answer any concerns you may have. We also have regular events known as happy hour. We are online a lot and want fun, active members. We are recruiting for the raid team, but if raiding isn't your bag there are plenty of other things to do and plenty of people to do them with. Well, I've introduced us a little. Come find us. Let's have some tequila shots and get inebriated. 


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Welcome to Your New Site!

by Steaknshroom, 697 days ago

Your site is configured with popular options for the game you've chosen, but can be modified however you want.


Tutorials will appear to guide you through your site functionality as you interact with new areas. You may have already seen the site intro. Follow these intro closely and they will provide a solid footing for using your site.

More Help

If you have any questions or concerns, there is a wealth of information available in our Uservoice FAQs and Feedback area, and on our Community Forums as well as via Twitter and Facebook.

You can also contact us directly via the embedded link in your Admin area or by sending us an email:

Again, welcome to Guild Launch, we think you will love it!

-The Guild Launch Team

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